Page layout continued

Did a bit of tweaking, and also put the stories column together.

Decided that each item in the stories column, ie a ‘story’, can be a mix of text, pictures and videos, including just one or two of the above: ie just a pic, or just a video, or a mix of text and pics, or pics and videos, etc. The user chooses a title, some optional text and an optional pic which is a thumbnail of one of the article pics or videos. The html looks like this –

<p><img class=”up_down_arrow” src=”images/updown_arrow.jpg” >
<a class=”link_title” href=”http://viewerpageURL&#8221; > title text</a><br/>
<span> <a href=”http://viewerpageURL”><img class=”story_image” src=”image path”></a>
<span class=”link_text”>story summary text</span> </span> <br/>
<span class=”link_poster”>post info text</span>

Also did some tidying up to use styles for formatting info, eg for size of images, instead of hard coded attributes.

Realising now how much work this user created story stuff is going to entail – i’m going to need to provide an editor that allows text, hyperlinks, pics and movies to be inserted. Maybe i can get an open source one from somewhere.

Got distracted by this nice ruby gem called teX::hyphen for hyphenating text that might come in handy.

Also got distracted by doing a little ruby program to help the wive out with some text processing, preparing another big file for importing into access. Goddammit, programming’s much more enjoyable than software design. Guess i need to push past this design hump and get into the interesting stuff.


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