Stubbing methods (eg callbacks) in a Machinist blueprint

I had a problem recently where i was using the test object-generating plugin Machinist to make a blueprint for one of my model classes. The model has a before_create filter which references some other data in the database, which didn’t exist in my test version of the db. This before_create filter had nothing to do with the tests i was running and i wanted to just stub it out. I couldn’t work out how, so wrote a wrapper method that looked like this:

def make_music_service(attributes = {})
  music_service = MusicService.make_unsaved(attributes)

That meant that whenever i wanted to make a MusicService in my tests i had to call this method instead.  Pretty clumsy, eh.  But – Machinist creator Pete Yandell came through with a great bit of info on the machinist mailing list – when you’re inside your blueprint, you can reference the object being made with ‘object’.  So, now i can put the stub inside the blueprint, like so:

MusicService.blueprint do
  name     { }
  address1 { Faker::Address.street_address }
  address2 { Faker::Address.street_address }
  address3 { }
  postcode { Faker::Address.uk_postcode }
  default_password { "password" }

Thanks Pete!

One response to “Stubbing methods (eg callbacks) in a Machinist blueprint

  1. Thanks this totally helped me with getting the restful auth working to shut off the observer that was sending out the email 🙂

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