Dynamically add class methods in Rails

I have a Product class which has a small number of records in the db, each of which has a name, eg “millionaire”.  Rather than keep typing Product.find_by_name(“millionaire”) i want to type Product.millionaire.

I could use method_missing for this but that means every time Product gets a method it doesn’t recognise it loads all the products out of the db – not very good.  Instead, let’s use define_method.  Normally define_method adds instance methods to a class but we can add them at the class level like so.  In the product class:

class << self
  Product.find(:all, :select => "name").collect(&:name).each do |name|
    define_method name.to_sym do

Now, when the classes are loaded, which happens only at restart in production mode, the methods are created.  No method_missing required and no db access besides the single access at class load.


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